Tom Toth

I’m an 18-year fitness industry veteran who resides in Toronto, Canada. My personal training business focuses on helping people with injuries and medical conditions become fit. I also work with athletes of all ages and levels.

My writing focuses on creative workout programming, working with and healing injuries through exercise, and improving athletic performance. I also enjoy writing about my second passion: food! I believe a healthy lifestyle does not exclude any major food groups. 

Tomtoth Fitness

Fitness is much more than just lifting weights, logging an hour at the gym or just simply going on a diet. At Tomtoth Fitness, we aspire to MOVE your body, MEASURE your strength, and MASTER your abilities.

Be the pillar of support to help YOU see change.

Fitness and a healthy lifestyle is a choice here at Tomtoth Fitness this is what we stand by.

About Us

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