Running Rewired by Jay Dicharry

I was really interested in getting my hands on this book by Jay Dicharry, an exercise physiologist and running expert with his own biomechanics lab at the University of Virginia. This lab apparently has one of the two “force-instrumented” treadmills in the world, allowing Dicharry unprecedented insights into analyzing running form. His previous book, Anatomy Read more

Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss

Like for many people, Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation was my first introduction into what the book called the “dark side of the food-industrial complex”. That book primarily focused on the problems related to producing and distributing food on an industrial scale. Michael Moss’ Salt Sugar Fat is a fascinating exploration of not how our processed food gets made, Read more

Lentils: Eat Them

I Love Lentils and You Should Too To be honest, that’s a slightly misleading title, because I don’t actually “love” the taste of lentils. On their own, they don’t actually taste like much, and what they taste like isn’t all that great. How’s that for a great intro for something I’m trying to make you Read more